"Charlie has an on going dental condition and Vikki has been fabulous with what was a very nervous horse, he now stands perfectly for her. I would recommend Vikki for everything from routine check ups to horses with more problematic dental issues. I wouldn't be without her." 
- Linda from Manchester

"My horse has unfortunately been gifted with the worst set of teeth, he is only 7. At one point last year, he lost so much weight and condition due to being unable to eat. With Vikki's expertise, he is now able to eat and is in show condition. He will never have great teeth but with regular dental appointments with Vikki, he can manage to eat all his feeds and some hay. I honestly think without Vikki's hard work, the outcome would be very different."
- Kelly from Manchester

"Vikki did a brilliant job of my horses teeth. Usually his head is up in the air when he has them done and you're fighting with his head but with Vikki, he was totally opposite. She ended up knelt down doing his teeth he was that relaxed. Great job, thank you very much."
- Jade from Haslingden

​"Vikki has been in charge of Samara Fly's and all our broodmares dental needs for a number of years. I find her very thorough and knowledgeable. She also always takes the time to explain what is needed and also what she is doing. She is great with our horses and her work is never rushed. At Longacres Stud, she will always be the only dentist we will have."
​- Mandy from Longacre Stud, Whitworth

"Amazing dentist, amazing person. Always does the best job with my horses. Wouldn't have anyone else now. Thank you for taking out Darcy's wolf teeth."
- Joanne from Oldham

​"A big thank you to you Vikki for looking after all my horses dental needs. You are professional yet easy to communicate with, kind with all the horses, the young, old, nervous and down right awkward. You gave details of treatment and advice for the individual teeth issues, where there were any. All in all, an excellent service which I will be continuing to use. Thank you."
​- Vivienne from Heywood

​"I used Vikki for my 4 year old. She was brill, very friendly and professional. She explained everything about my boys mouth and even gave me some bitting advice due to him having a large tongue and very little room in his mouth. And yes I did change his bit and he now goes much better. Would highly recommend her!"
​- Paula from Rochdale

"So happy to have you doing Ozzy's teeth. He has a very strange mouth for a youngster. From having 2 wolf teeth to stuffing food in his cheeks, and he isn't always the easiest customer! But you always do a great job and are patient with him. I wouldn't have anyone else doing his teeth!"
- Ashley from Manchester 

"Thanks so much for your experience in detecting Izzy's tooth root abscess. Your skill and compassion helped Izzy through her treatment."
- Lesley from Manchester

​"Vikki has been a fantastic vet to my 3 horses for 5+ years and I always asked for her, as she is the best in my eyes. She also started doing their teeth 3 years ago and is brilliant. I will only use her in future, he has always been so good and patient with them. Lovely lady who is excellent at her job."
​- Carol from Blackrod

"Vikki came to remove two blind wolf teeth from my 3 year old Clydesdale. I was quite worried about the procedure because I don't like blood! Vikki was very professional and calm, she put my mind at rest very quickly. The procedure went smoothly and was over alot quicker than I expected. He healed nicely and has been much happier since they were removed."
​- Allison from Accrington