Vikki Fowler BVetMed BAEDT MRCVS

Qualified Veterinary Surgeon

​Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

​Qualified BAEDT/BEVA Equine Dental Technician

​Member of BEVA and BAEDT

​Fully insured

07525 400 891
  1. An equine incisor
    An equine incisor
    One of the horses front teeth, this image shows how the tooth changes appearance as it is worn down. This is the basis that ageing a horse by it teeth works on.
  2. Dental chart
    Dental chart
    This is an diagram showing part of the horses teeth in a diagram form. By drawing your horse's tooth profile onto these diagrams, a dentist can assess any changes and progress where rebalancing needs to be made over time.
  3. Horse skull
    Horse skull
    This is what your horse looks like under all the skin and muscles. Many owners are surprised at just how far back the teeth reach. The only way of knowing exactly what is going on back there is with a detailed exam using a gag, head light and often a dental mirror.
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